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April 2024


Bay Area Book Festival is back again, but it will be in June this year, instead of May.  There are a few writers who will be at the event that I would like to hear speak - Charlie Jane Anders, Rebecca Roanhorse, and Tommy Orange.  All three will be speaking on Sunday.  Joan Baez will be speaking on Saturday, but it is later in the day, and I don't think I will make that one.

Charlie Jane Anders and Rebecca Roanhorse are both speaking on the same panel - Climate Fiction as a Tool for Climate Justice.  

Tommy Orange will be speaking about Identity, Resilience, and Shared History.

There are a lot of other incredible speakers this year.  Take a look at the schedule that was recently published.  Bay Area Book Festival 2024 Schedule 

February 2024


Black History Month - Goodreads' 100 Essential New Works of Fiction by Black Authors 

The above list is a great kickoff for Black History Month, even though I am a couple of days late.  

I have read and/or own quite a few on the list, and they are worth reading.  Have fun with the list!  It's definitely worth checking out.

January 2024

Book List Queen 2024 Challenge


I found the below challenge online.  I figured that I could add it to my planning spreadsheet, just for fun.  I have already checked off several this year, based on the books that I have read already.  I included the link in the subtitle below.  I hope others can join me for this challenge.

Reading Challenge 2024

A Book A Week with The Booklist Queen

1. You Meant to Read Last Year

2. Goodreads Winner in 2023

3. About Mental Health

4. Five-Star Read

5. An Audiobook

6. Set in the 1950s

7. Unreliable Narrator

8. Book Becoming Movie in 2024

9. With an Epilogue

10. About Starting Over

11. Author You Love

12. Flowers on the Cover

13. Title Starts with “B”

14. Published in 2014

15. Purple Cover

16. Historical Mystery

17. With Multiple Points of View

18. A Book You Couldn’t Put Down

19. One Word Title

20. Debut Author

21. 2023 Bestseller

22. Intriguing Premise

23. A Friend’s Favorite Book

24. Author from the Southern Hemisphere

25. About Secrets

26. Bottom of Your To-Read List

27. Your Favorite Genre

28. Character Who is an Actor

29. Recommended on a Podcast

30. Set in Paris

31. Ugly Cover

32. Set in a Small Town

33. Three Books by the Same Author (1)

34. Three Books by the Same Author (2)

35. Three Books by the Same Author (3)

36. A Quick Read

37. Set During Autumn

38. Classic by a Female Author

39. Memoir by a Person You Admire

40. About a Historical Event

41. Written Under a Pseudonym

42. Legal Thriller

43. Fantasy Book

44. Popular Book You’ve Never Read

45. Inspiring Nonfiction

46. 2024 New Release

47. Genre You Don’t Usually Read

48. You Own But Haven’t Read

49. Book About Books

50. Book Everyone Is Talking About

51. With a Place in the Title

52. Reread a Favorite

Planning Out the Year


If anyone is interested in keeping track of my books this year, I have planned out a few in advance and have linked the spreadsheet below.

2024 book planning  

December 2024
November 2024
October 2024
September 2024
August 2024
July 2024
June 2024
May 2024